Thursday, July 12, 2012

I am (not Steven Harper's) Canadian

In March 2011, a petition to the Government of Canada was initiated in response to  a directive that "reference to 'Government of Canada' should be replaced by 'Harper Government' in federal communications"; the petition was worded as follows:

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Canada to cease official reference to itself as the "Harper Government".

This is not just Stephen Harper's government. It is the government of the Canadian people. 

Our country is not Stephen Harper's Canada. It is a democratic Canada. 

I am not Stephen Harper's Canadian. I am Canadian.

We demand that all official references to the Canadian government continue to use "Government of Canada". Any official reference to "Harper Government" should be immediately ceased.

As the petition was initiated by Canadian citizens and signed by over 19,000 of them it was, of course, ignored. 

Personally, I have been happy to refer to "the harper government" in my writing as it points out the illegitimacy of the group of arrogant ideologues that has usurped the constitutional authority for the governance of our country.

Also, as there is apparently no "Government of Canada" at the present time, any efforts to wrest power from this group could not be construed to be insurrection against a legitimate Government. In the event of a revolution this vacuum should legally void any counter efforts aimed to quell such revolution.

Perhaps this abdication by the Government of Canada provides an opportunity to reclaim what used to be our country before it is taken over by the United States of America with the collusion of the government of harper.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Biochar Solution

I have just finished reading "The Biochar Solution" - Albert Bates (2010)

Although biochar represents only one piece of a solution to one of a large number of future crises, this is still the most hopeful book I have read about the survival of the human species in a couple of years. The problem of course, is that for any small step in the right direction to be taken, a majority of people all over the world would have to accept the scientific evidence of the plethora of looming crises (virtually undisputed within the scientific community) and then convince their 'leaders' that something should be done — we are a very long way from clearing either of these hurdles at the moment.

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