Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Fare is Fair

Now for some socially conscious, warm-fuzzy, positive stuff (no ranting tonight).

Fair trade is actually getting some real traction these days. Coffee is leading the way and many grocery store coffee shelves are offering more and more fair trade varieties. Light, medium, dark and espresso roasts from Africa, Indonesia, South and Central America are available from of host of custom roasters. If 250 or 300 gram containers won't cut it, Costco sells 2 pound (908 gram) bags of beans under their Kirkland house brand, roasted by Starbucks.

In Canada, Fair Trade goods are certified by TransFair and their website says they certify coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar, fruit (bananas and mangos), cereals (rice and quinoa), spices, cotton garments, wine, roses, and sports balls. TransFair also has a program to declare a Town or City as a 'Fair Trade Town" if it qualifies by meeting six goals. Wolfville, located in the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia, will most likely become the first Fair Trade Town in Canada, probably later this month. Wolfville is a very progressive place so its well worth taking a look at their website.

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