Saturday, January 7, 2012

Are there any Bridge Builders out there?

Below is my comment to the story about Chiquita's boycott of Dirty Tarsands Oil.

"We can either co-operate in an effort to bring justice to the world or we can form into two groups facing each other across what we see as a divide that cannot be bridged. We can look at the global picture or the 'national interest' one. We can fixate on jobs or start working on ways to feed ourselves in the future."

"If we let greed, selfishness and corruption rule our hearts and minds we will do what we have always done and attack each other. This site is dedicated to verbal attacks but these will quickly escalate into physical clashes between non-violent protesters and government backed police and military without the restraints of non-violence."

"The problems are global in nature and so would solutions have to be, that is the reason for co-operation with those from outside of Canada. National interest has become one of the most damaging factors in attempts to start the rebuilding of the world for a peaceful and just, post-oil future. I was just looking at a picture of a young girl holding a sign that read "YOU CAN'T EAT MONEY" . . . . . most of the world's peoples already know that and we in the industrialized world will find out the truth of it soon enough."

Unfortunately, I just cannot see the 1% acquiescing to the 99%, the Occupy Movement or Keystone/Gateway protests without a fight and non-violence is absent from their collective genetic code. I fear the the only salvation for humanity will be through the pepper spraying, teargassing and rubber bulleting of anyone who refuses to move out of the way, physically or ideologically.

If there are any Bridge Builders out there, there is a huge contract available for bidding - unfortunately the profit margin will have to be much less than zero.

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