Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Become your neighbours' "Close Encounter"

To my Family and Friends:

I have a grave concern that, as you feel the world closing in around you, you will assume that those we have elected will work on your behalf. This is simply not true.

For those of us who live in British Columbia, the two, senior levels of government do not have your interests, or mine, at heart. As each day goes by and I dig deeper into reality as presented by another author, journalist or alternative news service, I am convinced that these governments serve those that are light-years above my financial and social status - and for that I am truly thankful. However, that leaves us all with the dilemma of how to approach these crises as individuals or local groups.

Just to recap some of the components of the gathering storm: Global Climate Change - Peak Oil (and natural gas) - Soil Degradation - Over Population - Ocean Acidification - Lowering Water Tables - Permafrost Thaw - Continuing Mass Extinction (>50 species/day) - Topsoil Erosion - Glacial Melt - Loss of Arctic Sea Ice - Extreme Weather Events - Relocation of Climate Refugees . . . and more. Expressions of these stressors can emerge at the bottom of a food chain (phytoplankton), the top (sharks) and every point in between. Ultimately and simply, humans are at the top of such a food chain.

These problems are all inter-related which magnifies the danger but also increases the opportunites for individuals to contribute. The first, and most critical step is to make ourselves aware of both the crises and the solutions. There are massive numbers of sources online, lots at your local library, documentaries for rent, online streaming and public showings. So, read a book, watch a video (YouTube has lots) and bring it into your conversation with friends and neghbours. They may look at you as if you are an Alien from Outer Space   —   get over it.

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