Friday, December 9, 2011

Wake up, the sun HAS set on the British Empire (and all others).

27 countries meet in Brussels to attempt to come to an agreement to stabilize current financial chaos in the EuroZone, 26 come to consensus enough to start the process, the UK disagrees, saying "What is on offer isn't in Britain's interests so I didn't agree to it."

This is the 21st century PM Cameron, the century where we have to let go of national interests in order to rebuild the world into something that will allow the human species to survive. This is known as co-operation and requires an ability and willingness to compromise for the common good. Financial chaos is just a minor issue in the truckload that has to be solved if we are to continue the human experiment and every one of them is going to require a lowering of national, corporate and personal wants in order to fill the common need.

Europe has already leapt years ahead of North America in implementation of sustainability, not because they are not greedy (a universal, human trait), but because they are less greedy. However, the UK still harbours delusions of being elite within their group (in the US its called exceptionalism) and Canada's 'leaders' just repeat what their American handlers tell them with no attempt to think about the future. Perhaps this is as it should be, the 'Elders' (Europe) going ahead and teaching by example while the UK and the New World carries on as if there is nothing to be concerned about.

At this point in the transitional process, the best hope for the parts of the world that are devoid of mature leadership is the rise of bottom-up movements like Occupy to provide the environment which will allow such leadership to emerge. The glaring example of immature thinking provided over and over again by the meeting of non-violence with violence exposes this lack of leadership for all to see on the world stage. Get your tickets for the show, its starting to get crowded on the streets.

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