Sunday, December 11, 2011

I don't want to play your game.

This is a comment I wrote to a series on titled "A progressive dialogue: Beating the right at their own game".

I do not believe that working within 'The System' is a viable option at this point in time as the nature and magnitude of the problems facing the world mean that implimentation of ideas having a chance of meaningful effect will never be done by democratically elected policy makers. For this reason, I am one who has wrestled with refusing to vote as a 'rational response'.

My decision is that, if there is a Green Party candidate, I will vote if not, I won't. This is not just for reasons of ideological policy support but, just as importantly in my mind, that Green parties do not have the issue of a group of incumbents seeking re-electon and can actually say what they mean during campaigns or any time they get the chance.

With a major part of the path to a more livable world being relocalization, reskilling and a general 'hunkering down' of humanity, I see local elections as far more important than federal or provincial ones as those are only going to be changed by revolution (hopefully non-violent) and complete re-vamping of the structures of governance. However, post-revolution, there will need to be a coalescing of progressive ideas and those to impliment them, around a trustworthy centre, and the baggage-free Greens are where I would put my trust.

Leadership in such a world will not come from the existing political crowd or from anyone looking for a hierarchical structure to head, it will emerge from the mass and from an environment similar to the present 'Occupy Movement'. While it is great to have alternative news sources such as, if momentum is going to gather strength, the mainline media need to pick up the ball and start reporting movements and events that don't end with little, old ladies being pepper sprayed and hauled off to the slammer. Constructive approaches to the biggest problems humanity has ever faced should quailify as newsworthy without the knee-jerk reactions of paramilitary police forces.

The ideas are there, the leaders are there, but I don't believe they will ever see the light of day on the world stage without revolutionary change. This can and will happen, but only if and when the majority of citizens understand and become sufficiently outraged to act decisively and with an already-past-the-fail-safe attitude.

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