Sunday, December 11, 2011

Where the Sun Don't Shine in the Wintertime

ENVIRONMENT MINISTER EXPECTS NEW CLIMATE DEAL BY 2015: Proposed Durban Platform follows 13 days of UN negotiations

My comment on the above story:

C R A P ! ! !

This "Flying Down To Durban" movie has been no more than another chance for the major emitters to stick their collective heads in a new patch of sand - at great expense to the environment and taxpayers around the world - and led by the world champions of head-in-the-sand-sticking, Canada.

My only hope for this fiasco is that the real world leaders will decide to stop listening to the used car salesmen that Walmart World sends to these useless gatherings and start the transition to a post-oil world without us. This would include closing their borders to trade and travel (especially winter tourism) to and from countries like Canada and the US and telling us to stick our heads wherever we wish, as long as the "sun don't shine" there.

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