Monday, December 19, 2011

Justin, could you shout a little louder please? Oh . . . . and use some stronger language too!

Justin Trudeau's break with decorum as he shouted "YOU PIECE OF SHIT" at Peter Kent across the floor of the Canadian House of Commons should serve as a wake up call to every Canadian who cares even slightly for anyone or anything other than themselves. Kent, who is laughingly referred to as "Canada's Environment Minister", is instead a despicable salesman for perhaps the worst environmental disaster to be perpetrated by humanity against our home planet, Earth. "Piece of Shit" seems entirely inadequate and Justin Trudeau's shout far too muted to give form to the current state of Canadian affairs.

British Columbia based Environmental Consultant Matt Price has written a series of articles for Huffington Post(CA) about the Harper Government's complicity in the marketing of Alberta's Tar Sands. In the latest, he identifies three things which the people of Canada must grapple with if we are to have any success in countering the Harper menace and beginning to repair our country's reputation.

     1) The government in Ottawa doesn't care what you think.
     2) The Opposition is letting Harper have his way.
     3) Most of us are sheep.

There are still opportunities to stop the full destructive potential of the Tar Sands from being brought to bear on the worldwide environment. Every effort should be made to co-ordinate ALL actions against the Tar Sands under the auspices of a single group with a clearly stated mission and a highly identifiable logo:

     a) Continue the dialogue with sympathetic elements within the US.
     b) Demonstrations at Canadian diplomatic missions in Europe.
     c) Demonstrations at the UK Tar Sands sales office in Alberta.
     d) Action against the Keystone XL Pipeline on the Canadian side of the border.
     e) Actions against the Enbridge Gateway pipeline in both Alberta and British Columbia.
     f) Demonstrations in Kitimat and along the entire BC coast against the tanker traffic.
     g) Co-operation between First Nations People and Non-First Nations activists at the Tar Sands and along the whole route of both the pipelines and the tankers.
     h) Demonstrations every time one of the Cons shows up in BC for a photo op, funding announcement or whatever.

One last kick in the ass in case you are still sleeping - a story in The Guardian by Heather Mallick about the on-going destruction of our country at the hands of a group of ideologues we were stupid enough to elect with our antiquated electoral system. I hate to remember that I had parents who fought in wars (WW 1 and 2) with the hope that Canada would remain a beacon of trust and peace in the world. If they were still alive, I'm sure watching this so-called government drag our country through the sewer would do them in.

So, lets raise our glasses and prepare to welcome 2012 with a rousing - "YOU PIECE OF SHIT"!!!

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